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The Kingdom Come

It is difficult for us to understand what it is like to live under a monarchy. Yet, all Christ followers live under a spiritual monarchy. It could also be called a spiritual theocracy. The ancient Israelites were living under this form of government, but most of them defected. In many ways, their stubbornness is an example to us today.

When the nation of Israel was rescued and redeemed from the Egyptians over 3000 years ago, God became their King. Over time, however, they didn’t want God as their King [1 Samuel 8:7, 20]. They wanted a human king. When God was reigning over them, it was a theocracy [“theos” = diety, “cracy” = government] but at the inauguration of king Saul, they became a monarchy. None of the human kings, including David, were perfect. After David reigned, it was his son Solomon. After him, the kingdom split into north and south. There were 20 kings in the north until the time of exile and 20 kings in the south until another exile. None of the northern kings were righteous. Only four of the southern kings were righteous but like David were still flawed. All of this history anticipated a better and perfect king than David.

And…He has arrived! Jesus Christ is a son of David. He is the Son of God. He is currently reigning at the right hand of God [this term is often used to signify equal power]. He ushered in His Kingdom on earth. It is inaugurated. One day, unknown to any of us, He will come back to consummate His kingdom. At that time, the new heavens and new earth will be established forever.

This is why it can be said that all true Christ followers, regardless of the earthly political government in which they live, are under a spiritual theocracy/monarchy. Jesus Christ is our King. We follow His commands, His leadership, and His strategy. He clearly displayed and stated the goals and lifestyle He expected His patriots to abide by. It begins with a personal relationship with Him, and it is impossible to live for Him without this relationship. That means anyone desiring to live under His rule is blessed with a relationship with the King of Kings equally with all other citizens! You don’t have to be on His cabinet to know Him. Everyone that submits to Him is equally on His team!

He desires for His kingdom ethic to permeate earth as it does in heaven. That influence comes from us. In other words, we are the instrument God uses to advance His Kingdom throughout the world. We yield to His Spirit within us, we abide by His Word already recorded for us, and we do it together. It’s like an army of love, peace, and liberty.

Every human being serves a king. Sometimes that is within a political regime. Sometimes we place ourselves as king and do our own bidding. But none of these kingdoms are eternal. None of these kings ultimately satisfy. As long as a human king is leading us, even if it is ourselves, there will be failure, heartache, and pain.

At COR, we are learning to grow in our understanding of Christ being King and His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. The dome [kingdome] of His reign is all around us. We are His representatives. The kingdom is one of freedom, salvation, truth, mercy, and hope! How can we see the kingdom come in the Northern Nashville area as it is in heaven? We invite you to learn with us. No other King is more satisfying!