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The Body

The human body is fascinating! There is so much that science has discovered. We have record of humanity for thousands of years and what we are just now understanding has always been reality. Just the complexity of the eyeball is beyond imagination. We truly are a work of art in our physiological structure not mention how many graphic artists enjoy sketching the outward structure of the eye.

The human body is made up of many parts. What we can do with our hands, feet, fingers, and toes is extraordinary. The way the bones are covered with muscle, organs, tendons, and skin is a masterpiece. Then adding the brain with neurons, glands rushing with hormones, the immune system, and the pumping blood is too much to take in. We are structured so intricately.

This body is used as a metaphor for those who assemble to follow Christ. There are several places that the church (individuals committed to Christ) are compared to the body in that it has many members but is one (Romans 12:4-5, 1 Corinthians 12:12-23, Ephesians 4:16). We are unified as one but many different people. When one is excited the rest rejoice. When one is down the rest grieve. We are intertwined objectively through the blood of Jesus Christ, but we are to be intentionally unified in our proximity and loyalty to live in community together.

Ever stump your toe? Your whole body feels it. You convulse and begin to say awful things like, “ouch” and other uncommon words. In a millisecond, your toe, which is the farthest from your head, tells your brain to send a signal to the rest of the body that “we’ve got a problem!” Yes, “we” meaning the WHOLE body better represent the toe at this moment. So, the brain sends out the memo, and the tongue gets in on it, then the eyes bulge, then the arms flail while the hand clenches into a fist, and so on. All this occurs because of the wonderful way the human body is constructed. When we get a massage (it has been years) the whole body relaxes. We put our thumbs up, our tongue says, “oh yeah,” and our lips curve into a smile.

What if we as a people were that tightly knit? When pain occurs to one, the rest feel it and move to action. If victory occurs, the whole group pulls together to throw a party. This is exactly what Christ followers are to do. They are to function similarly to the human body. Yet, they are known more for their division, disunity, and dysfunction. Like someone on illegal drugs, some parts of the body will function, but the rest is shut down. Seeing the “high” or drunk individual walk across the street gives the signal that something is very wrong.

Could it be that one reason the human body is built in the way science is uncovering is to objectify the people of God being unified? Christ followers could be like one unit of millions that pull (or pool) together to carry out a mission. If you are part of this body of Christ, begin to ask what you can do to unite with others who aren’t like you culturally but are your brothers and sisters forever. You are the left hand, and they are the right hand. It is time to work together. Let’s not be known by our differences but our unity to love all those around us!