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There is a cheesy phrase that was popular a while ago. It was given an acronym. A television show utilized the initials. Even a restaurant was named after it. After a long work week, people look forward to the weekend. We are grateful when we get a break from the stress. Friday is a relief.

So, when a whole people group decides that one day out of the year will be labeled Good Friday, it is peculiar. For the most part, all Fridays are good compared to the other days of the week. And what is so great about this one?

It is actually based on this one particular Friday, a long time ago, that was not so bueno. A man was innocently tried, mocked, beaten, whipped, tortured, and murdered. He committed no crime and had never broken the law. He had chances to evade and escape the situation. He intentionally surrendered, plunged in, and did not tap out. There was blood everywhere.

He claimed to be a sacrifice for the world. He claimed to be “The” King. He claimed to be equal with God. His sacrifice, He claims, is to cover the offenses of humanity against God. All those that would accept the deal on His terms would be acquitted. They must come to terms with the reality that His death should have been theirs. He was choosing to take their place when they did not know they needed their offenses covered or that they were so severely offensive. But, they could be humble and learn.

If it is true that Jesus of Nazareth was who He claimed to be, that He did sacrifice Himself for the dark crimes within our souls, then that one weekend was the ultimate catalyst for stress relief. The day of His death, willing taking our place, was very good for us all. The individual that legitimately accepts the deal is part of a new family, a new humanity, and therefore commemorates the goodness of that Friday. We often forget the horror He faced. And so, we often forgot the horror we deserve. One deep breath every revolution around the sun, we choose to slow down and look at His bloody face and torn body again. We rewind the clock to remind ourselves, the terms bring sweet release from the toil of a broken world. The brutality forced on Him heals our wounds.

Do accept that you are broken? Have you observed this man Jesus they call the Christ? Do you know the offer He holds for you? Do you know the goodness of Good Friday?