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Post Easter post

Easter 2019 has come and gone. Some would say that Easter is the biggest day of the year for the Christ follower. It is one of the most anticipated, respected, and planned out days of the year in the Christian faith. That could be churches preparing for a service, family dinner preparations, or organizing an egg hunt.

Although, it is fine to mark one day out of the year to focus on keeping the main thing the main thing, life does not rise and fall for the Christ follower based on the festivities of the Easter Holiday. The person, Jesus Christ, and the event of his crucifixion and resurrection, IS the main thing in the life of a Christ follower. This is to be remembered and celebrated every day, every hour, with every rhythm of life. What should never happen, is a build up for the holiday labeled Easter, followed by no intentionality, no focus, and no remembrance for the next 11 months regarding Jesus Christ and the work he accomplished. When the world sees the so-called Christ follower make such a big deal about the holiday Easter, but they do not live like it matters the rest of the year, it seems so stupid and pointless.

Maybe Jesus Christ would prefer that we celebrate and remember him each day of our lives and cancel our Easter festivities, our egg hunts, our decorations, or sunrise services, and our Easter plays and musicals. Yes, some people hear about Jesus Christ and the amazing things he has done for the first time on Easter and that is wonderful. Yet, for everybody else who has already understood and received a relationship with Jesus Christ, we must seek to keep him front and center daily. We must at least gather weekly for this encouragement and accountability. Christ is not looking for a one time event to think about his greatest miracle. He is looking for a lifetime of subtle submission. As He states in Luke 18:8, When the Son of Man returns will he find faith on the earth?

It is like a bombastic wedding with all the food, amazing decor, fancy clothing, special guests, and a magical ceremony. Will the relationship last? What will it look like in the daily grind when the pomp wears off and all the cake has been eaten? They act loyal on this day but what about six months from now? Six years from now?

Jesus Christ wants your mind, your heart, your agenda in the daily muck. It is a struggle, it is not perfect, it is a give-and-take, and there are doubts galore. There is one thing for sure, it is not about one day of the year or 52 Sundays out of the year. It is a lifestyle. It is a relationship. He died that you would be unified with him. Let that sink in today! The Easter excitement may have worn off but the remembrance of Christ’s relentless love does not have to.