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Fruit and Power

When observing the life of Christ, we see the perfect blend of the character traits and supernatural power of God. With the exception of a few moments where Christ manifested His divinity [forgiving sins, walking on water], the majority of what He did was empowered by the Spirit of God. It is God’s very Spirit that also provides us the ability to image God appropriately.

We need the power of the Spirit. In some circles, He is called the Holy Ghost. “I need a double dose of the Holy Ghost!” That is one of my favorite lines to chuckle at. You would have to experience Pentecostal revivals to understand.

Like a tree that produces fruit, with the Spirit of God within we can produce the character of Christ. We can be patient, kind, gentle, good, faithful, self-controlled, and full of peace, joy, and love. These are not meant to be temporary or superficial. They are meant to be who we are. We can quickly be reminded of a recent moment where we could have manifested one of these traits but didn’t. We can only manifest them by being dependent and submissive to the Holy Spirit just as Christ was. This fruit is supernaturally and mercifully supplied by the Spirit.

The Spirit also provides abilities that are supernatural. These powers are to be used to honor God, encourage the people who follow Christ, and for the world to be drawn into the culture of heaven. These powers are in all those that follow Christ. They are meant to cause each individual to appear to be a mini-me of Christ throughout the earth in all tribes and people groups. We have much to learn about the manifestation of the characteristic and power of the Spirit.

The world could use more love and more power to benefit our lives. Dependence on God, not independence, is the answer. Cultivating this fruit and these gifts are very important. If you would like to learn more, join us for the discussion this Sunday.