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COR Celebrates First Year!

One year. Much progress can occur in 12 months. Sometimes only through intentional reflection can someone realize the difference one year can make.
In April of 2017, we were getting prepared for our first public gathering. There was so much excitement in the air. It was also mixed with fear, pressure, doubt, curiosity, and joy. The newness was like nothing experienced before.

When a child is born, the anticipation is daunting. So much work and so many unknowns. Keeping the life alive is a thrill and a major responsibility. The average child is born to run, but they must learn simply stretch out then push up, roll, pull up, step, walk, and skip. It all begins with the desire to explore. Yet, this desire must be cultivated, or it is not likely to occur promptly or ever.

It is difficult to describe what stage we are in at this point. Maybe rolling over or taking steps. Regardless of a clear paralleled description, it takes a village nonetheless to raise a newborn. So many have assisted in this endeavor. Think of all that it takes to care for and nurture a child in their first year including the gestational period. Money, time, attention, patience, medicine, and perseverance.

There are so many that have given of their resources to COR. Every penny provided is significant. It is not like giving to an organization that might not last. It is giving to the Kingdom of Christ which is eternal. Even if the collective individuals dispersed into other regions over time, the impact upon them through the resources provided is transcendent. If you have provided anything from an event tent, pictures, graphics, music, children’s supplies, food, cardstock, signage, and plain ole cash . . . thank you so much!!!

Time is valuable. We could be using each moment to cater to ourselves. Many have given their time to COR. For those that have arrived early to setup, stayed late to tear down, led or hosted a small group, created graphics and posted social media, or took any time to pray. . . thank you!

Have you ever noticed how some moms favor certain time periods of a child’s life but are not so involved in other time periods? Some moms like the early stages. Maybe they are ecstatic the first years of having a child, but after the child becomes self-sustaining, they pull back a bit. Some enjoy the older years and like to be a friend to their kid. Others, really do enjoy all the phases of children. At COR, some put much effort into the first year but once it seems sustained they may pull back somewhat. Others, are waiting for a little bit of establishment and then will jump in feet first.

In Col 1:28-29 the apostle Paul states that he toils and struggles with all his energy to present everyone mature in their faith in Christ by proclaiming Christ everywhere. Yet, it is not just each individual that is to grow in spiritual maturity but each local body. As the individuals make up the local unit, so does that unit to the worldwide army.

We are pressing on to make Jesus Christ known. All the initial effort to start up something new is for God alone. If you are just learning about this new group, jump in with us. For anyone that has been a part so far, thank you, thank you, thank you!