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2017 Year-End Giving

Can you believe it is the end of another year? While time may not wait on us, we can use the last fading moments wisely. It is a good time to reflect on 2017 and count the blessings.

This was a big year for COR [City of Refuge]. A new unit in the family of God was born! A collection of individuals united as one man to glorify God. A year ago this local assembly did not exist. And then…boom! It has arrived.

None of this occurred because we wanted it to or our own ingenuity. It was not even accomplished because of our spiritual gifts or our faith. It came to pass because Christ decreed it. Because He formed this group, we have a new identity. We are still loyal to Him, first and foremost, but we have multiplied those in which we lock arms.

Our ministry is to those who purposely distance themselves from God and those that feel far from Him but do not desire to be. Our passion is to be a refuge for those that have been wounded by life, relationship, and even the church. We hope to be considered a trustworthy group of safe individuals in order to heal and wrestle with our faith openly.

It is so important to us that each individual be equipped with the ability to pass on the disciplines of the faith such as praying effectively, in taking the Bible daily, and sharing the good news of Christ naturally within our sphere of influence. We do NOT believe the task of passing on these disciplines is up to a few leaders. It is up to EVERYBODY.

We are asking for your support to accomplish the mission God has provided us. We currently rent a building used every day of the week other than Sunday. This means constant set up every Sunday morning or for any event and decorations/supplies cannot be left out through the week. Our music consists of an acoustic guitar with one, sometimes two singers while every now and then we go a Cappello! We have one pastor that is bi-vocational working several jobs to support his family. With many young families, there are lots of children with several needs for preschool supplies and toys. The list goes on.

Would you consider giving to City of Refuge before 2017 ends? We would gratefully appreciate any offering. It has not been easy starting a church from scratch but we pray that any gifts received would be used for God’s glory, not our own means. Please, pray for us as well. Our resolve is to go beyond ourselves to pursue our community. Our COR Values are Seek, Share, Live, and Lead. In order to develop leaders that live in community together, we must do our part to share the gospel and seek Christ as well as others. We must create opportunities for others to walk alongside us to observe how this is done. Pray that we do this with diligence and by the Spirit of God.

If you have already supported us previously, we are so thankful!! Please consider giving again. To provide resources click here.